Upcoming Events

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Check out the Winter Schedule!

Group Mediumship Event 2/12 5:30-7:00

Join Psychic Medium Audrey Rai for an evening of messages from the other side. Guests will have an opportunity to experience a demonstration of mediumship and to ask questions. Self investment $40.

My studio is located in the main house of the Mud Queen Pottery campus along Linglestown Road. If you arrive before 5:15 feel free to explore the gift shop while you wait. Studio doors open for guests at 5:15. In the interest of everyone’s best experience doors will close at 5:30 allowing us to promptly begin uninterrupted. Ticket sales are final and are absolutely transferable to anyone you choose. 

Learn To Connect With Your Loved Ones In Spirit 2/21

Do you desire a connection with your loved ones on the other side? ‘How can I get a sign or feel a connection to my loved ones that have crossed over?’ is the number one question that I get asked during readings. Your loved ones are always trying to get your attention. Every single one of us is capable of connecting with our loved ones on the other side and receiving messages and signs. Through some simple techniques I will share with you how to open yourself up to experiences that will validate for you that we are eternal and that our loved ones are still with us. This is a loving and supportive setting. Dress comfortable and bring a notebook or journal. There will be a short guided meditation. Please bring a blanket, pillow and yoga mat for this portion. 2/21 5:00-7:30 Self investment $50.