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About Audrey

For as long as I can remember, I have had experiences with Spirit. My earliest memories frightened me and my parents didn’t understand how to help me. At a young age, I learned to shut my mediumship off as a way to feel safe. However, I always stayed curious, purchased my first tarot deck at age 13, and indulged in every metaphysical book I came across. My father is British and would take me to England. On these trips, I would visit with my Aunt Anne who was a medium. These interactions normalized my experiences and inspired me. 


As an adult, I began to embrace my spiritual gifts and learned that cousins in England are practicing mediums as well. I studied energy healing,  yoga, past life regression therapy, and various forms of divination techniques and developed a community of like-minded individuals on a similar path. All of this helped me to open back up to my mediumship gifts. Through the years I have studied with world-renowned mediums and healers and even spent time training in Lily Dale. All of this was paired with my dedication to a deeply healing journey that continues to this day. 


I am committed to a life of transformation through the art of mediumship. Mentoring and building community for others is something I am very passionate about. Sometimes this looks like a reading to validate your experiences or that your loved ones are ok. Sometimes this looks like a mentorship to empower you to open up to your own psychic or mediumship gifts. Everyone is intuitive and has the ability to connect with Spirit. With dedication and guidance, you can connect with Spirit and be of service to others too. Showing you your own light is one of my greatest passions.

My Approach

My offerings blend seamlessly. Whether you are seeking my services for a reading or for mentoring, you will find that I am heart-centered and work only with that which is of the light. I call in my spiritual team of guides and ancestors and allow myself to be a clear and open channel of loving, kind, and impactful messages. Every one of us has a spiritual team of guides and loved ones on the other side.


When I call in your spiritual team, I am able to connect you with evidential messages for your highest good. They communicate through my senses showing me images, telling me words, and giving me feelings and a strong sense of knowing. I set an intention around my work to leave you feeling calm and clear. My focus is to illuminate a path of healing to empower you to open up to your highest potential. You will find that I am a natural teacher and that my group mentorships are a supportive non-competitive platform for you to connect with other light-workers and explore your unique gifts. Being of service is my greatest joy.

My Approach
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