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Internationally Trained Psychic Medium

Welcome! I am Audrey Rai, an internationally trained psychic medium, healer, and mentor. This site is a portal to your healing and growth. I am passionate about helping people by using my spiritual gifts. Through my mediumship gifts, I bring forth evidential messages from your loved ones in Spirit. Through my psychic gifts, I offer you clarity about your life path and purpose. Through my mentorships, I help you open up to your spiritual gifts. My vast knowledge has been accumulated through years of dedication to the healing arts. I have studied with some of the most renowned mediums and healers in the world.

My heart-centered readings and teachings offer you guidance for your highest good. The intention behind my work is to empower you with knowledge and clarity for transformative healing and personal growth. Other healing modalities in my practice involve yoga, energy work, Earth medicine, and past life regression. All of my offerings support the mind, body, and Spirit connection to guide you on your path.

I share my offerings globally through Zoom and in person at my Pennsylvania and Maryland locations. Whether we are connecting for a reading or for mentoring, you will find that my delivery is heartfelt and kind. I set the intention that every interaction leaves you with feelings of clarity and peace. I look forward to guiding you on your journey!

Areas of Expertise

Psychic Mediumship Readings, Development and Mentoring, Reiki Energy Healing,  Past Life Regression, and Yoga
Find Audrey on social media for the latest on events with an occasional live with card pulls.
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Audrey offers in-person services in Linglestown, PA (near Harrisburg, PA) and Deale, MD (south of Annapolis, MD.)  Additionally, she offers group and remote services.  She is available in other areas throughout the US and Europe.  Click the link below to learn more...

Tarot Reading

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Linglestown, PA & Harrisburg Area

Deale, MD

Ocean City, MD

Other Locations by request

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