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Sacred Womb Healing

An immersive healing journey and calling to your greatest potential.

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Sacred Womb Healing

Rewild Your Inner Wisdom

Your womb space holds an infinite well of knowledge and wisdom. 


If you are disconnected from your womb space, you are disconnected from your most powerful potential and intuition. Unprocessed emotions and traumas hide in the body and then manifest as a host of physical and emotional ailments. This can look like feeling numb, anxiety, lack of desire, and being stuck or stagnant. It can also look like being disconnected from your body sexually, out of sync in relation to others, and having difficulty manifesting the life that you want. 


Womb healing harnesses the internal and external energies that help us change ourselves, our relationships, and our environment. You are wired to feel pleasure and joy. When you are in harmony with your body you can manifest your deepest desires. 


I want to invite you to awaken and heal your womb space, your creation center. This is an embodiment journey of sacred sexual self-discovery and healing to call in your fullest potential.

Part 1🌙


The invitation 🌚 5/18


On a new moon, you will begin this journey by harnessing internal and external energies to assist in shifting yourself, your relationships, and your environment. You are invited at this initial gathering to get curious and intentional about what you are here to heal and what kind of life you want to create. We will discuss how to and the benefits of working with jade yoni eggs.  


The Clearing 🌝 6/1 


At the full moon, we gather to identify and release any limiting beliefs, blocks, trauma, stuck energy, and anything heavy that you are done carrying.  Through energetically clearing out and partnering with your womb space, you will heighten your intuition and discover your innermost desires and truth.  


The Activation 🌚 6/18 


At the next new moon, you will align yourself to activate the creative possibilities that you have made room for.  Your dedication to your healing and body connection will get you crystal clear about your own desires and what you want to create. 


🦋 Break for integration and sacred self-care. There will be weekly meditations, podcasts, self-nurturing suggestions, and journal prompts to help you get crystal clear and guide you during your transition. 🦋


Part 2🌙


The Creatrix 🌚 8/15 


We begin again at the new moon by identifying your hidden potential and calling it in. You are powerful and the creator of all you desire through your womb-space connection. 


The Rewilding 🌝 8/29


Here you will identify and clear any blocks that you may have uncovered along the way. Healing is a multilayered journey. The full moon will illuminate what is hiding in the shadows.  


The Portal 🌚 9/12


You have been doing the deepest inner work. It is time for you to become the most authentic version of yourself that is waiting to be born. Healing is a lifelong journey and you have the tools and awareness to truly live your life to the fullest. Harness the new moon energy and (wo)manifest all that you desire. You are sovereign. 


What You Can Expect:


  • Support from a mentor who is knowledgeable and committed to doing her own work

  • Remote gatherings with a supportive community from the comfort of your own sacred space

  • Opportunity to heal, grow, and create the life that you desire

  • Release of the heavy baggage that no longer serves you

  • Awakening of your inner wisdom and clarity about your identity and purpose 

  • Guidance on how to activate your womb space and work with Yoni jade eggs


What's Included:


  • Your jade yoni egg for energetic clearing, healing, and optimum embodiment.  

  • 6 sessions to educate and empower you on your journey

  • Guided meditations and podcasts

This Offering Is For You If You:

  • Want to align yourself to your fullest potential

  • Want to reclaim worthiness and self-confidence

  • Are healing trauma and emotional baggage

  • Want to awaken your most authentic self

  • Desire better sex & more pleasure in your life

  • Are healing your ancestral lineage

  • Feel numb, disconnected, stuck, or stagnant

  • Want to rewild yourself to discover the rich wisdom in your body

  • Are committed to living your best life

  • Want to heal your nervous system

  • Feel a stirring deep inside your body reading this


Pricing Plans Available

Option 1:

Pay in full $400.00 (due before 5/18)

Click here to selection Option 1

Option 2:

2 payments of $225.00 (due before 5/18 & 8/15)

Click here to select payment Option 2

Option 3:

4 payments of $125.00 (due before 5/18, 6/1, 7/15 & 8/15)

Click here to select payment Option 3


Enjoy this learning and healing opportunity via zoom from the comfort of your own home. 

Classes will be from 5:30 PM eastern to 7:30 PM eastern.

All sales are non-transferable and are final.

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